Coaxial Cable Stripper

  • Item Number: LT709
  • UPC: 804551057328
This LOGICO Coaxial Cable Stripper provides a fast and easy solution to stripping numerous cable types including RG59-RG6/RG7-RG11.
    Using instructions:
    • 1. Push stripper button to open stripping hole.
    • 2. Insert cable in the hole. Release button and rotate stripper to cut the jacket.
    • 3. Push stripper button and remove cable.
    • 4. Remove inner insulation and jacket
      • Multi-function coaxial cable stripper, adjustable according to user’s need to strip different coaxial cables.
      • Strips the coaxial coat and inside part without damaging the inner core.
      • Stripping sizes: RG59-RG6/RG7-RG1.