Banana Plug

  • Item Number: BAP171
  • UPC: 804551056024
These LOGICO banana plugs are made from high quality materials with Dual-screw locking design. This type of connection will secure your cable more than a single or open-screw design. Dual-screw connectivity provides a secure connection. They are sized to accept speaker wires from 8AWG to 20AWG. Each pair is color coded one with red and the other one is black for easy polarity identification. The plug body is made of brass with 24K gold plating in order to prevent corrosion and insure clear signal transmission.
  • 24k gold plated
  • Dual-screw locking design
  • Made from Brass non-magnetic
  • Accept bare wires from 8AWG to 20AWG
  • Color Code: Red and Black