About Us

Quality in Every

At LOGICO™, we are about giving our customers the advantage needed to succeed. Our overall philosophy is to help our customers reach their goals, because ultimately their success is vital to our own.


Production Solutions That Make Sense

We always make sure that our customers receive high quality products at low costs and we constantly keep a large inventory in stock to satisfy their demands.

Our Team

Our team believes that great products are worthless without great service. Therefore we are committed to serve our customers quickly and effectively to exceed their expectations.

State of the Art Facility

As a manufacturer, we understand the importance of the design, production, distribution & integration phases of the low voltage systems industry. This has allowed our team of professionals to develop innovative, cutting-edge solutions that place our customers a step ahead of the competition.

Solely by LOGICO™

Our product line is handpicked by our team to keep up with industry changes of the time. Engineers and designers then start an R&D process, assuring the quality and performance of the end product that will reach our warehouse and later our customers.  We always ask for feedback and aim to satisfy the constantly changing needs of the industry. 

100% owned & operated

As a 100% owned & operated brand, we control all aspects of our product line. With time & experience behind us, we are poised to expand our product line and strengthen our customer services even more. As we grow we always have our clientele and the constantly changing market needs at the forefront. We strive to pair a quality industry leading product line with excellent customer service.